Telarra Adventuring Company

Splug : (

A sad day far from the sun

While searching the dungeons, we happened upon Elian. He needed help back in town, explaining that guards had gone missing and that an elf was keeping anyone from leaving the city. We lent him an extra sling of ours to help him make his way back, but we could not go with him. To abandon this quest is to doom the entire region, not just his city. We promised we’d be straight back as soon as our business here was finished.

We descended deeper into the dungeon via Splug’s directions and entered a cavernous space. This room contained a large well in the middle and hallways to the left and right. A large cage or prison of some sort could dimly be seen in the back. Near the well were a pair of large goblin like creatures. Hobgoblins as it turns out, and much to our sorrow. They issued a spoken challenge to determine if we were friend or foe. “Shadow seeks shadow!” to which Reeft responded “Flame meets flame!” It was a good attempt, but the drawing of their weapons indicated we were solidly in the “foe” category.

We kept telling him not to charge forward, but Splug bull rushed the nearest guard before we could react. However, these hobgoblins seemed to posses some form of military training, and brushing off his attacks, smote him to the ground. Enraged, we all leapt forward attempting to save our new found friend while enemy reinforcements poured from the hallways. Istvarra and Lucant kept the guards busy while Aylee wove a deadly dance. She seemed to be everywhere at once, sticking daggers to eyes or tipping the unwary into the well.

Meanwhile, Reeft and myself faced a new problem. The cage in the back of the room contained a giant spider that quickly skittered and jumped (JUMPED! AAAAaaaaahhhhhh!) towards our position. Reeft and I both launched disabling attacks against it that connected, but it hardly mattered. The arachnid was soon upon me, biting with its massive fangs. It clamped down upon me, and I knew no more. My friends tell me I was only out for a few moments before Istvaara brought me back from the brink with Bahamuts favor. I arose just in time to see the horrible spider and one of its hobgoblin handlers be vaporized by a crackling wall of thunder issued forth by Reeft. Lucant, Istvaara and Aylee then quickly dispatched the few remaining guards while I shook off my near death experience.

The battle was won, but at a terrible cost. We rushed to the fallen companions side to see if we might be able to help him, but it was for naught. With his dying breaths, he gave each of us a memento, pinched and pilfered from his lifetime as a thief. I will leave it to others to describe what they each received. To me he gave an ancient petrified bone piece. As I’m sure the others feel, we’d give them all back if it meant having Splug back.

While recovering from our fight, I quickly cut a symbol that I’d seen in town into a small disk of wood to leave with our friend. As I understand, it is the symbol of Avandra whom many rogues worship. I hope it speeds his soul to some goblin paradise that he finds fitting.



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