Telarra Adventuring Company

Our friends are strong, our enemies stronger

what kills us

I remember the first time I lost a companion to this wretched place.

We awoke again, in the same stink in the same gloom. Our dreams filled with the same restless spirits pushing us to exhaustion. Our resolve was not diminished. We had been feeling the loss of one party member, and the desire to push to the end was more solidified.

After reemerging from our secret chamber, we returned to the split in our path. A door boarded up caught our attention. Why would there be a part of this dungeon so restricted? Could this chamber not hold more clues to the location of our mutual enemy?

As the party entered the narrow corridor, Thom moved ahead of us to see if he could spy a way for us to pass through unnoticed. I was close behind desperate to trap any unique objet that came into view. Lo, there seemed to be a likely new pet at first glance. As I rushed towards his gelatinous shape, I grossly misjudged his size.

Supremely confident in my knowledge of these sorts of creatures, a simple cantrip distracted him for a moment, and in that moment, Tom spied two foul ghouls headed towards us from the other room.

As my comrades begin to engage with the ghouls, they gain the favored attention of the slime cube. I blasted it with fire but this served only to accelerate it’s interest in us. WIthout eyes or any expression it moved quickly toward us and engulfed myself, Thom, Allye, and Istvara. Relying on their acrobatic skills, Thom and Allye we able to escape the cube’s merciless grasp.

I feel helpless as I watch Lucant shatter the other abominations. My breath and Istvara’s will being strangled with every moment as we see our friends fighting the slime chucking monsters. In moments I feel my life begin to end but Istvara strengthened me.

Reinvigorated I break free. We take turns racing against the clock, firing our skills at the remaining ghouls and the cube whom continues to steal the life out of companion.

I watched the light pass from Istvara’s eyes. Bahamut’s gaze must have been blocked at that moment. Why else would a soul such as this be allowed to part so quickly? That was what made me realize, we may be in over our heads.

Allye deftly finishes off the slime cube and I find myself the new owner of a Safewing Amulet.

Thom, seemed to recall that we needed to take part of our comrade back to town if we had any hope of restoring her. Sadly, the way for us to accomplish this was to part her head from her body. A token necessary for restoring a dead friend. Costly as it was, I packed her into my adventuring pack.

The rest of the party bore the weight of her magnificent weapons and armor. With no options left, our egos bruised and hearts heavy, we left the dark pit and headed for the city, which we heard was under siege.


Well told, Reeft. Brought a tear to mine eye, no joke.


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