Telarra Adventuring Company

In darkest night

If you entered a gore filled room immediately after watching one of your friends nearly drown in a magical drain death trap, would you go home? The sound of horrors gnawing on the broken bodies of past heroes lying before you, with no light to speak of isn’t exactly comforting or pleasant.

We signed up for this, we promised the guardian to rid the world of this dark curse. And to that end we seem to be nothing but lousy with the score of undead residing in this dungeon.

As the mass of horrors approached us, our landscape painted in blood red, courage or blind fury seemed to be driving our group. Allye’s sure blades find their mark, as a horror is the first recipient of her righteous vengeance.

This is but a taste, our group seemed more in tune, the hours of battle have made us formidable.

Istvara marked a moving slab of filth and stood toe to toe with a horror named Pat. It’s paralyzing kiss seemed to the last gift it had to offer as Istvara cleaved it in two.

A blur of Viper Strikes from Lucant, arrows from Thom’s quiver, and magic missiles fly out, and reduce a room filled with zombies to scattered lifeless bone.

Allye’s keen senses find a small opening near one of the corners, and after some careful negotiation we convince her to crawl through. In retrospect, we may have been too hasty, but thankfully no trap awaited her on the other side. Quite the opposite in fact. For her trouble she was rewarded with a bag.

This bag, though seemingly normal to all of us, was able to completely hold several large items without changing shape or increasing in weight.

As pressed our way through a door way to the east we were met with the sight of a dark priest commencing a sort of blood powered dark ritual. A shadow, that was not of a man hovered near the priest, the creatures seemed unaware of our presence.

Wasting no time, we decided to put an end to the ritual with our unique touch of grace. A loud clatter. Two of the creatures leaped to the ceiling and began making their way towards us. On the ground level a pair of red headed creeps began closing the gap to our location.

Allye, ever the eager striker, lands the first dissolution against a vampire. While Istvara zaps the two red headed creeps with her power lightning breath. The other vampires and the shadow start to box us in at the entrance. Allye & Tom move to stop them in their tracks and are completely success full. In puffs of ash they fall. Returning to their former shape as dust.

Istvara and Lucant take on the book holding red head and his brother with the flail, they are each dealt massive blows. In a moment of clarity Lucant is able to slash one brother back as she gives healing words to a wounded Istvara.

Istvara strikes bookclub back, but he seems more engrossed in the fight, unflinching. From behind Reeft strike bookclub down with a magic missile. The dark priest seeing his minions fall before him, attempts to toughen the dark shadow in preparation for a showdown with the rest of us.

Lucant is caught with a blinding slice to face from flail, “You hurt my face, I will hurt yours too!” He screams back. And brings the brother down.

Allye yells “In yo face!” as a blur of deft strike blades near miss the evil priest.

An energy emerging from Istvara can no longer be contained. She channels the Bahamut given force into ribbon like bright dragons that strike the priest true. Tom’s double arrows fly from his string impaling the priest. He slumps, and breathes his last breath in this life.

Istvara, is knocked prone by the shadow at the sight of his master being dispatched. We rush to try to revive her. Allye takes it upon herself to end the terror of this mysterious hissing shape.

The room grows quiet. We take a moment to rest in preparation for what we know lies in the next room.



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