Telarra Adventuring Company

Off we go

Rumble in the road!

We started out for the kobold hideout first thing in the morning. It was a peaceful, beautiful, BORING morning and everyone seemed distracted as we made our way down the road. No one was in the mood for conversation. Thankfully, not long into our journey Thom spotted a group of kobolds looking for a drubbing headed our way.

As the group got closer, guess who we saw in the party? The orange kobold who ran away from our fight on our way into town! Well, Orangey wasn’t getting away this time! He had more friends with him this time, including a kobold wearing a skull mask and red armor who turned out to be a caster of some sort.

I politely tried to ask Orangey why he was so bent on attacking us and he said something about us killing his friends off. Guess he shouldn’t have jumped us in the first place, eh? Then what little dialogue we had going was kind of put on hold when Thom helpfully tried to reunite Orangey and his dead friends with a couple of arrows to the face. Too bad Orangey blocked his shots. That Thom…where does he get his arrows? He took off a kobold arm with one of his shots!

Thank goodness Istvarra was there. Reeft insisted on holding his position in the front along with the melee and would have been more seriously injured if she hadn’t been there with her healing spells and shields. Have to admit though, it was a pretty funny sight—the fastidious and usually natty Reeft covered in green goop (courtesy of Skullface) with his robes slashed and torn. It was hard not to laugh out loud.

It wasn’t the prettiest victory, but we won in the end. I think we just need some more time to get used to fighting together. Skullface was carrying a figurine on him that Reeft recognized as the Maimed God. First the creepy town with the weird townsfolk and now this eeeeeevil deity! This just gets more and more awesome! Can’t wait for the next fight!



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