Telarra Adventuring Company

In darkest night

If you entered a gore filled room immediately after watching one of your friends nearly drown in a magical drain death trap, would you go home? The sound of horrors gnawing on the broken bodies of past heroes lying before you, with no light to speak of isn’t exactly comforting or pleasant.

We signed up for this, we promised the guardian to rid the world of this dark curse. And to that end we seem to be nothing but lousy with the score of undead residing in this dungeon.

As the mass of horrors approached us, our landscape painted in blood red, courage or blind fury seemed to be driving our group. Allye’s sure blades find their mark, as a horror is the first recipient of her righteous vengeance.

This is but a taste, our group seemed more in tune, the hours of battle have made us formidable.

Istvara marked a moving slab of filth and stood toe to toe with a horror named Pat. It’s paralyzing kiss seemed to the last gift it had to offer as Istvara cleaved it in two.

A blur of Viper Strikes from Lucant, arrows from Thom’s quiver, and magic missiles fly out, and reduce a room filled with zombies to scattered lifeless bone.

Allye’s keen senses find a small opening near one of the corners, and after some careful negotiation we convince her to crawl through. In retrospect, we may have been too hasty, but thankfully no trap awaited her on the other side. Quite the opposite in fact. For her trouble she was rewarded with a bag.

This bag, though seemingly normal to all of us, was able to completely hold several large items without changing shape or increasing in weight.

As pressed our way through a door way to the east we were met with the sight of a dark priest commencing a sort of blood powered dark ritual. A shadow, that was not of a man hovered near the priest, the creatures seemed unaware of our presence.

Wasting no time, we decided to put an end to the ritual with our unique touch of grace. A loud clatter. Two of the creatures leaped to the ceiling and began making their way towards us. On the ground level a pair of red headed creeps began closing the gap to our location.

Allye, ever the eager striker, lands the first dissolution against a vampire. While Istvara zaps the two red headed creeps with her power lightning breath. The other vampires and the shadow start to box us in at the entrance. Allye & Tom move to stop them in their tracks and are completely success full. In puffs of ash they fall. Returning to their former shape as dust.

Istvara and Lucant take on the book holding red head and his brother with the flail, they are each dealt massive blows. In a moment of clarity Lucant is able to slash one brother back as she gives healing words to a wounded Istvara.

Istvara strikes bookclub back, but he seems more engrossed in the fight, unflinching. From behind Reeft strike bookclub down with a magic missile. The dark priest seeing his minions fall before him, attempts to toughen the dark shadow in preparation for a showdown with the rest of us.

Lucant is caught with a blinding slice to face from flail, “You hurt my face, I will hurt yours too!” He screams back. And brings the brother down.

Allye yells “In yo face!” as a blur of deft strike blades near miss the evil priest.

An energy emerging from Istvara can no longer be contained. She channels the Bahamut given force into ribbon like bright dragons that strike the priest true. Tom’s double arrows fly from his string impaling the priest. He slumps, and breathes his last breath in this life.

Istvara, is knocked prone by the shadow at the sight of his master being dispatched. We rush to try to revive her. Allye takes it upon herself to end the terror of this mysterious hissing shape.

The room grows quiet. We take a moment to rest in preparation for what we know lies in the next room.

Our friends are strong, our enemies stronger
what kills us

I remember the first time I lost a companion to this wretched place.

We awoke again, in the same stink in the same gloom. Our dreams filled with the same restless spirits pushing us to exhaustion. Our resolve was not diminished. We had been feeling the loss of one party member, and the desire to push to the end was more solidified.

After reemerging from our secret chamber, we returned to the split in our path. A door boarded up caught our attention. Why would there be a part of this dungeon so restricted? Could this chamber not hold more clues to the location of our mutual enemy?

As the party entered the narrow corridor, Thom moved ahead of us to see if he could spy a way for us to pass through unnoticed. I was close behind desperate to trap any unique objet that came into view. Lo, there seemed to be a likely new pet at first glance. As I rushed towards his gelatinous shape, I grossly misjudged his size.

Supremely confident in my knowledge of these sorts of creatures, a simple cantrip distracted him for a moment, and in that moment, Tom spied two foul ghouls headed towards us from the other room.

As my comrades begin to engage with the ghouls, they gain the favored attention of the slime cube. I blasted it with fire but this served only to accelerate it’s interest in us. WIthout eyes or any expression it moved quickly toward us and engulfed myself, Thom, Allye, and Istvara. Relying on their acrobatic skills, Thom and Allye we able to escape the cube’s merciless grasp.

I feel helpless as I watch Lucant shatter the other abominations. My breath and Istvara’s will being strangled with every moment as we see our friends fighting the slime chucking monsters. In moments I feel my life begin to end but Istvara strengthened me.

Reinvigorated I break free. We take turns racing against the clock, firing our skills at the remaining ghouls and the cube whom continues to steal the life out of companion.

I watched the light pass from Istvara’s eyes. Bahamut’s gaze must have been blocked at that moment. Why else would a soul such as this be allowed to part so quickly? That was what made me realize, we may be in over our heads.

Allye deftly finishes off the slime cube and I find myself the new owner of a Safewing Amulet.

Thom, seemed to recall that we needed to take part of our comrade back to town if we had any hope of restoring her. Sadly, the way for us to accomplish this was to part her head from her body. A token necessary for restoring a dead friend. Costly as it was, I packed her into my adventuring pack.

The rest of the party bore the weight of her magnificent weapons and armor. With no options left, our egos bruised and hearts heavy, we left the dark pit and headed for the city, which we heard was under siege.

Splug : (
A sad day far from the sun

While searching the dungeons, we happened upon Elian. He needed help back in town, explaining that guards had gone missing and that an elf was keeping anyone from leaving the city. We lent him an extra sling of ours to help him make his way back, but we could not go with him. To abandon this quest is to doom the entire region, not just his city. We promised we’d be straight back as soon as our business here was finished.

We descended deeper into the dungeon via Splug’s directions and entered a cavernous space. This room contained a large well in the middle and hallways to the left and right. A large cage or prison of some sort could dimly be seen in the back. Near the well were a pair of large goblin like creatures. Hobgoblins as it turns out, and much to our sorrow. They issued a spoken challenge to determine if we were friend or foe. “Shadow seeks shadow!” to which Reeft responded “Flame meets flame!” It was a good attempt, but the drawing of their weapons indicated we were solidly in the “foe” category.

We kept telling him not to charge forward, but Splug bull rushed the nearest guard before we could react. However, these hobgoblins seemed to posses some form of military training, and brushing off his attacks, smote him to the ground. Enraged, we all leapt forward attempting to save our new found friend while enemy reinforcements poured from the hallways. Istvarra and Lucant kept the guards busy while Aylee wove a deadly dance. She seemed to be everywhere at once, sticking daggers to eyes or tipping the unwary into the well.

Meanwhile, Reeft and myself faced a new problem. The cage in the back of the room contained a giant spider that quickly skittered and jumped (JUMPED! AAAAaaaaahhhhhh!) towards our position. Reeft and I both launched disabling attacks against it that connected, but it hardly mattered. The arachnid was soon upon me, biting with its massive fangs. It clamped down upon me, and I knew no more. My friends tell me I was only out for a few moments before Istvaara brought me back from the brink with Bahamuts favor. I arose just in time to see the horrible spider and one of its hobgoblin handlers be vaporized by a crackling wall of thunder issued forth by Reeft. Lucant, Istvaara and Aylee then quickly dispatched the few remaining guards while I shook off my near death experience.

The battle was won, but at a terrible cost. We rushed to the fallen companions side to see if we might be able to help him, but it was for naught. With his dying breaths, he gave each of us a memento, pinched and pilfered from his lifetime as a thief. I will leave it to others to describe what they each received. To me he gave an ancient petrified bone piece. As I’m sure the others feel, we’d give them all back if it meant having Splug back.

While recovering from our fight, I quickly cut a symbol that I’d seen in town into a small disk of wood to leave with our friend. As I understand, it is the symbol of Avandra whom many rogues worship. I hope it speeds his soul to some goblin paradise that he finds fitting.

Tales from Procrastinus

… Ah, where was I…

Our heroes had entered a long chamber lined on either side with sarcophagi. Off to the left glowed the faint silver of natural light while to the right, shadows melded together into true darkness. The tombs held the names of honored paladin dead, written in Draconic script as benefitting the servants of Bahamut. Yet they seemed to rest uneasy, as a scratching could be heard from within. Though she used as excuse a desire to help her brethren sleep easier, it might have been pure curiosity that cause the dragonkin Istvara to disturb Sir Paeven’s tomb.
Whatever the cause, the lids of all the sarcophagi flew off in unison, and skeletons climbed out to battle those who trespassed there. Perhaps it was horror at the risen dead that caused our heroes’ slings and arrows to fly wide of their targets, but when Thom the Archer finally struck a skeleton, it dissolved instantly into a cloud of bone dust. Each successful blow struck by the goblin Splug, or by Thom, pulverized their enemies. Yet the skeletons hacked Allye the Thief and soon focused their mindless hate on the paladin who had first disturbed them. Istvara’s amber blood soon streamed down her scaled armor. Lucant Half-elven struck out again and again, but could not find the right rhythm to connect with the grim foes. The mage Reeft, whose intellect was not just used to fuel his fiery missles, sensed unnatural work at hand, beyond mere animate dead. Rather than stand and provide another target for skeletal arrows, he fled toward the light, with his goblin companion loping behind and Thom soon followed.
Reeft soon found himself within a domed chapel encircled by three altars. Above each altar was a tall narrow window, flooding the place with a pale peaceful light. The dome was painted with great beauty and artistry – a mighty silvery dragon stood upon a globe; to his left a great glossy raven, and to his right, the golden sun. Each of the figures were chained to a central lock, but around the figures, knights genuflected in reverence. Stone knights, carved in relief also circled the chapel walls, all shown kneeling before Bahamut. Elegant draconic script was carved into the wall above each altar.
Thom spun to fire down the hall where his companions still battled, felling another skeleton, but as he turned to gaze the chapel where Reeft had just entered, he took it all in in a glance. A flash of insight, perhaps a whisper from fading Pelor, dropped him to his knees and bowed his head. Silently he offered a humble prayer to the mighty dragon God. The skeletons vanished. The others soon limped to join their companions in the pearly chapel.
Reeft, following Thom’s lead, asked Lucant to join him in kneeling at the different altars. Istvara knelt at the third, but her head was bowed in prayer and shame at having not been lead by her devotion to Bahamut, but rather from a desire to impress through bold action and bloody battle. Her prayers healed her physically, but she remained kneeling for humility and healing of spirit. The others explored the chapel, and beyond admiring the craft, made a discovery on one of the altars. Five platinum dragon statuettes glimmered in the pale light. Istvara exclaimed it must be a sign, a gift from the Great Dragon, just as Pelor had gifted them their sun amulets. She bade them each take one and keep it always, but then shrunk inward again, disturbed by her own zealous feelings and unworthy actions.
The companions found a door at the back of the chapel, and decided to explore further. Reeft cast a light onto Istvara’s shield, and they ducked within what was revealed to be a shadowy crypt. A raised dais held another sarcophagus, this one carved with a sleeping knight clutching a long kingly sword. It appeared to all of them they had found Sir Keegan’s tomb. Reeft, feeling the air growing ever more dense with magical energies, knelt to offer a prayer for Sir Keegan’s soul. The coffin lid flew aside much as the others had, the ghostly form of a human skeleton, clad in chainmail, rose from the tomb, a hoarse gasping voice issued from its skull.
“I will never rest,” the skeleton rasped. “The rift must never be opened.” A dark cloud seemed to surround it in anger and accusation. “The rift must never be opened!”
Istvara bowed her head and lifted her dragon statuette up to the spirit, along with the medallion of Pelor. “I am a servant of Bahamut. Along with my companions, I come to stop the ritual.”
The spirit turned its hollow gaze to Thom. “You know me for Sir Keegan,” he said. Thom inclined his head with respect.
The spirit turned to Lucant. “Are you as fierce as you seem?” Lucant tossed his golden hair back and stood proudly, gazing golden and unafraid into Sir Keegan’s spirit eyes. Sir Keegan almost seemed to smile as he then looked to Reeft.
“Many powers abound in this place – can you face them?” Reeft nodded gravely.
The spirit lowered his head to the fierce halfling Allye. “Many traps remain from the Nerathi Empire, do you think you can evade them? Allye winked in reply with a wicked grin.
“Even the pure are driven to do unspeakable things… I killed my wife and children…”
Reeft, moved by the pain and regret in the spirit’s voice, said, “Is there anything we can do to give you peace?”
The spirit’s voice still rasped, but pride rang within it. “I am beyond redemption, but perhaps my blade can be redeemed. This is Aegris, given me by Sir Edril. It is a mighty blade.” A sword appeared in his hand and Lucant reached to take the offering. “Seek Bahamut’s boon and perhaps he will grant you aid.” Aegris shone brightly in Lucant’s grip, its pommel a dragon’s head and inlaid with three white diamonds and a platinum dragon.
Reeft asked if Sir Keegan could advise them in closing the rift. The spirit, quieter now, said, “If sorcery is involved, killing the sorcerer should prevent the worst from happening.” Reeft seemed about to ask another question, when the spirit raised one hand, “I will rest.”
Our heroes, bowed respectfully and backed out of the tomb. They admired Lucant’s new blade before asking Splug, who had not accompanied them, to lead them back to their turning so that they could hurry downstairs, the urgency of their task ever-growing.
Splug reluctantly agreed and led back towards the stairs. However, they soon came upon a terrifying blood rune painted on the stone floor. Thom recalled frightening stories his parents used to tell to instruct him – one where a man attempting to steal fell into a cave and while trying to find his way out, stepped onto a rune made of blood which raised an undead horror that killed him. Reeft, not liking the sound of this, decided to try out “Mom’s Remedy” on the rune. First he tried the blue substance, which cleared away the rune. When they came upon another, Reeft dissolved it with the pink goo.
The next room was larger, and had three passages leading from it: to the north, the way they had come; a passage to the east blocked by another blood rune; and stairs to the west. Thom checked the passageways for drafts, careful not to tread on the rune, but then noticed on the north wall a stone unlike the others. Allye examined it and found a lock, which she attempted to pick. Several more failed attempts later, Allye, with a lift from Istvara, figured out the mechanism, and they opened the door to a small secret room. All the treasure was gone, but one of the wall shimmered oddly. Reeft stuck his hand into the wall, and it vanished. He quickly withdrew it intact, to their amazement, and then, curious, stuck his face through. On the other side, he discovered four rotting corpses, two weapons racks, and a suit of armor with a plaque hung above it.
The others followed him into the hidden space, and the rotting corpses rose to give battle. Thus began another fierce battle, but emboldened by their recent victories and the urgency of their task, they are able to hack their enemies to bits. Splug, the little goblin, is particularly fierce after being both hugged and bitten by zombies, neither of which he had consented to. He unleashed his anger by spearing the final zombie in the back, where it slid down in its second grisly passing. Reeft claps Splug on the shoulder with a hearty word of praise, and Splug, pleased, turns a slightly orange shade of green.
They examined the weapons and armor, but none looked worth keeping—the armor seemed particularly rusted and worn. However, as they approached the plaque, a disembodied voice recited a riddle about “a wondrous treasure, valued above all.” Thom, who was clever at riddles, guessed “your reputation”? A flash blinded them, and when their vision returned, they beheld the armor had transformed into a glorious set of black iron scale armor, that shone in the light from Reeft’s spell. Awed by its beauty and rarity, they gazed at it, before suggesting that Istvara take it to replace her scale armor. The paladin was honored and humbled by her companions’ generosity and the generosity of Lord Bahamut. She promised to wear the armor with pride, and silently promised herself to prove worthy of her companions’ trust.
The companions then took their rest, exhausted from their trials, but little did they know the dangers they would soon face…

Goblins and zombies and nut shots, oh my!

(A hastily-scribbled journal entry…)

Lesson learned—always set watch shifts when in an unfriendly place, no matter how many are in your party. After we cleared out Balron & company we decided to hole up in his old quarters to rest and ended up getting drugged and tied up for our troubles. As if waking up bound and with a horrendous case of cotton mouth wasn’t bad enough, I woke up in the wrong body! Thom’s a nice elf and all, but I don’t know how a person can track as well as he does with his noggin so high up off the ground.

Despite that we managed to fight back the crazy half human-goblin who was blathering on about his mom mixing drinks or something and made an ally of this little guy named Splug, who was being held in the dungeons. He’s small, but don’t make him mad. I could hear the crunch from that nut-punch he gave to the mommy’s boy goblin during the fight from all the way across the room!

We rescued a familiar face from one of the dungeons and now we’re headed deeper into this place with Splug’s help. We wiped out a horde of zombies and now we’re heading toward a hallway lined with sarcophagi belonging to paladins formerly in Bahamut’s service. I foresee fun times ahead!

Note to self: do not accept any refreshments from Reeft—he kept a couple of flasks of the evil-looking goo that the nutted goblin was going to feed us.

Deeper still
We continue to purge the dungeon of filth

As the party decides to head down the hallway of the doors, we hear the insolent babble of goblins.

Tom and Alley stealth themselves and sneak into the periphery of a room where two drunk Goblins chat idly, and play cards at a table. In the center of this table is a bell, an alarm that would summon who knows what from behind the two tapestry covers, which depict the most foul examples of Goblin debauchery.

Reeft is following behind them and readies an action as Tom and Alley attempt a few thief moves to muffle the bell.

Alley attempts to jam her bedroll into the bell’s body but the Goblin notices her actions which sadly miss their mark. Tom attempts a quick theft of the bell, but before he is able to stipe it the Goblins slam the brass bell and from the dark behind the pornographic tapestries a foul voice echos in the cramp hallway, Ballron.

Three fresh waves of filth covered goblin minions and soldiers poor out of the connecting rooms and begin to crowd in on the troupe. The stench is almost unbearable.

As the new waves approach from what seems like every corner of this cramp dungeon, Alley and Thom step out of the immediate line of fire. Reeft steps into the open and throws a thunderwave at the two guards pushing them back with a loud clap.

Uncle Touchy rushes Reeft and slashes him with his sword. Blood has been spilt and soon the Goblins will feel the retribution of the group. From down the hall Javelins fly into Reeft and Istvara.

With a flourish and a spin bolts fly from Alley’s sling and drop Uncle Touchy to the cold stone floor. Istvara slashes wildly at Bar Nuts and Tom’s Arrows fall to the floor. Lucant stages himself to support the rear of the troupe.

Alley flourishes again and her bolts connect with Bar Nuts. Another wave of goblins approach the team from the top hallway and Reeft hits them with a thunderwave, vaporizing them. Ballron takes aim with his crossbow and hits Reeft. Reeft’s newly minted clothes continue to soak up his own blood..

Incensed by the vulgar displays of Ballron and the ferociously large dragon skull codpiece, Istvara swings hard and splits the Goblin soldier in front of her in half. A volley of foul remarks from Ballron further gets the ire of Istavara and she marks him.

The goblins attempt to flank from the left but they are too slow to catch the reflexes of our party. Reeft calls another thunderwave and vaporizes another set of minions in a cloud of flesh and energy. Nutzig hits Istvara and she is badly wounded. His swing finds a home between the gaps of her armor. Thankfully Lucant is there to heal her and bring her back from the brink. Lucant then hits Nutzig with a swing of his might scimitar. Alley throws another rain of bolts at him and connects.

Tom, having found his sure footing, takes a hunter’s care to disable his quarry. A surgical shot is loosed from his fingers and pins the thigh of Ballron. Ballron screams for the fighting to stop. The goblin hoard ceases its advance as we prepare ourselves for what could be a trick.

“Lay down your arms!” – we command. Ballron orders his remaining fore to lower their weapons and begins to plead for his life.

“We are in the employ of Kaloral,” says Ballron, “he performing dark rituals in the levels below. I want to be let go. I do not want to be in this place any longer.”

“How do we reach him?” – we ask. “In the level below you will find him, but he is guarded by the Dead Knight.” – Ballron replies.

“Are their words we need to enter the chambers?” – we inquire.

Ballron looks at us solemnly and answers us with the two words, “Nuts McGee.”

We push hard for information regarding his reasons, it appears that the horrors below are more than he is willing to put up with any longer. After further interrogation and attempts to recruit them as our meat shields, we free the goblins with on a hollow promise that they will trouble us no longer. They leave their weapons and any items that may assist us in reaching Kaloral as further conditions for our letting them breath air from the surface again.

Though we may have succumb to their attacks if they had decided to continue fighting us.

After the have left we enter Ballron’s secret chambers and loot the precious money and affects that he has lying about. Inside on of the chests an Ashen wand is found that dates back to the Narathi empire.

The group bars the entrance so that non may attack them as they take what is a much needed rest.

This is not a peace filled rest. In the filth encrusted walls of the dungeon, images of the knight Sir Keegan fill our minds. We share the horrors as a party. Once again unified by fear, foreboding, and restlessness, our next challenge may be our last.

You Dirty Rats, You Killed My Brother (in Arms)

Winterhaven had had a rough night—
Evil nightmares had filled folks with fright.
Though our party rose early,
Young Reeft woke up surly
As he had not permitted the light.

Yet all went to Valthrian’s tower.
The town empty in spite of the hour.
They gave V the news
About Kalorel’s views —
Val warned of a wakening power.

He also told truth of their dreamings:
Of the South ripping out of its seams and
Bloodfeasters and Baron
That ruled in Abœrin
While the Council sought league with the demons.

Yet Valthrian thought that the portal

Of all was the danger most mortal.
He begged them to go
To Shadowfell low
For Kalorel they must now thwart(ol).

Though the party in essence agreed
That to Shadowfell they must now speed
They suspected a traitor
And wished now to bait ‘er
So that they would not fail in their deed.

At their request, Valthrian wrote
To Paedrig to ask for his vote
In funding this quest.
Then they bid Valthrian rest
While they would deliver the note.

They split up their party in two –
Half to keep all the manor in view
(In case men did ride
To warn Kalorel’s side)
While the other half asked for their due.

Though Paedrig was slightly suspicious
His writ brought results more delicious:
A Hammer to smite
The foes of the Light
And arrows and bullets so vicious.

To Shadowfell then they proceeded,
Though the cobblestones hadn’t been weeded
The place was a mess
And they felt some duress
As into the darkness Thom lead-ed.

A goblin called out to his roommates
Though Reeft had tried bluffing—they smelled fake
Thus missiles were cast
And struck with a blast
So Gob suddenly didn’t feel great.

Thom the same goblin harrowed
While Allye, her eyes sharp as a sparrow’s,
Hit one in the head
Though he wasn’t quite dead
And two gobs shot Lucant with arrows.

Lucant healed himself with a word
And rushed forward to strike with his sword
But he fell in a pit
Filthy rats swarmed and bit
And Istvara rolled naught but a turd.

Reeft’s missiles punched holes in his foe
And Thom wielded mighty his bow
But the rats’ nasty bites
Knocked out Lucant’s lights
So Istvara jumped down in slow-mo.

She clutched at the magical hand
But this did not help her to land.
Though it knocked out her breath,
She brought L back from death,
Though in general naught went as planned.

Reeft kept up torching the goblins
Though the party was still somewhat hobblin’
Thom tossed down a kit —
Lucant climbed from the pit
The rats meanwhile want to keep gobbling.

Fountains of green blood explode
When Thom his arrows unload
Allye bloodies one brother
And nut-shots another
While rats are by Thunder Wave mowed.

Istvara’s claws finally do catch
The ladder, and out of the hatch
She climbs to get out
Lucant heals with shout
And a gob tries to kill her then, natch.

The last gob tries vainly to run
But Reeft’s quickly after this one
He shears off its arms
With his magical charms
Then turns to his friends: “That was fun.”

The party stops for a quick rest
Though gold they found, there was no chest.
The rooms they explore
And behind iron doors
Curtained secrets! – So continues our quest.


These words, booming out from behind the swarm of kobolds attacking our united front was the first inkling of what was about to be unleashed upon us. Our attack on the kobold cavern had started well enough and it seemed we had taken them by complete surprise. Istvara had created a window in the waterfall through which Ally and I had sent deadly projectiles against our unwary foes, whilst the rest of the party burst through the shimmering curtain and began laying about them. Though we were immediately beset on all sides, Reeft’s continuous crash of thunderwave, Istvara’s lightning breath, Lucant’s slicing scimitar, Ally’s deadly slung pellets, and my own arrows quickly reduced the enemy’s numbers, with minimal damage taken from the kobold’s puny spears and javelins.

Once again, the voice boomed out from our left. Our attention diverted, a lancing beam of fire engulfed Istavara from a fearsome priest on our right. I began to fire arrows his direction, but the priests sudden attack had left me rattled, and my arrows missed their marks. Fortunately, my fellow party members fared better. Lucant called on a blessing from Bahamut to heal Istvara’s wounds, while a slightly less roasted Isvara smashed a kobold’s ribs out through it’s stomach, then brought her hammer around in a fearsome upswing to send a second enemy’s head flying over our own. Perhaps we would be able to finish off these stronger kobolds before the source of the voice made its presence known. As if reading my thoughts, the priestly newcomer began to chant dark words that surrounded his fellow kobolds in a blue light, causing them to attack with new vigor.

Yelled the voice, now much closer. While my arrows continued to fly wide of their intended targets, the others continued to down the enemy. Reeft’s thunder and lightning knocked down enemies or outright disintegrated them. Istvara hammered on the priest’s underlings, Bahamuts spirit moving with her. Suddenly, the owner of the voice stepped into the chamber. Irontooth!

Said Irontooth just as Ally exploded a lazy eyed kobold’s head into his face with a wickedly launched stone, spoiling his big entrance. “We didn’t need him anyway!” he boasted. And now we could see where he’d gotten his name. This hulking goblin had replaced all his natural ivories with teeth wrought of iron. Though momentarily blinded by flying kobold bits, he immediately set upon Lucant, slicing chunks out of his flesh. Lucant, reeling from the grievous assault, launched a furious attack of his own, his scimitar flashing back in forth in a triple slice and dice and shredding Irontooth’s fine cape. After watching Lucan nearly felled in a single attack, the rest of us joined in a massive assault again Irontooh, the other kobolds forgotten for the moment. Istvara charged Irontooth to protect Lucant. Reeft struck with magic missiles and searing beams that seemed to wilt and weaken our foe. Arrows and stones, launched from a safe distance, put several gaps in his metal dental work. Sensing that perhaps he’d bitten off more than he could chew, Irontooth then launched a last ditch all out attack on Istvara, nearly felling her while calling on his dark gods to give him strength. However, it was not enough. Our scaly friend, though nearly finished off (one might even say… bloodied), raised her hammer high and brought it down trailing blue flames into the goblins head, pancaking it into his body. Victory! With their leader gone, the remaining kobolds and their priest quickly fell.

We quickly searched the cavern for the kobold’s hoard . To my everlasting embarrassment, my supposedly sharp eyes missed the trap at the entrance to the treasure room. Fortunately, Istvara spotted the shifty tiles before I was impaled, and Ally’s nimble fingers quickly disabled the mechanism. Inside was a goodly amount of gold and an enchanted set of mail that fit Lucant well. A final inspection of Irontooth revealed a correspondence from Kalarel. Its implications are disturbing. Amongst other things, it confirms the presence of a spy in Winterhaven. No wonder Irontooth had mentioned an “invitation.” I’ve slotted Kalarel’s note into this journal for continued study.

Irontooth letter

Dreams of Powers
There are other worlds inside this

After resting the group we turn towards the woods. Semi-refreshed. As we start following the trail the forest undergrowth around us becomes oppressive, dense, and yet deadly still.
Before us in the trail an impression or relief in the stride length of large steps becomes visible and clear. These shapes are not human feet, they are gnarled like tree branches. As we track them, they begin to fade.
We lose site of the steps and are left instead with an impression. Like a psychic spike driving its way into all of our minds. A deep fear wells inside of us, but it is not our fear. It is someone else’s fear, pain, hurt all swirling together. Almost a voice shouting for relief.
Tom and Lucant stop in their steps. They share a vision together of the sun being squelched. Pelor is calling out to them. “Help Pelor,” the voice says to them. We feel a pull, a strong impression asking us to move forward. Tom and Lucant run ahead of the party.
In a moment they pass from our sight, and the forest around us melts into smoke. The solid ground beneath is no more. We are stuck in a tar-like mire with nothing but darkness and fog to keep us company. Lifting our vision from the darkness below we can perceive a pink energy dome in front of us that seems to be protecting a forest within. Just as we perceive this, our reality melts away. We become the separated prisoners of our own individual and personal fears.

  • Reeft is shown a vision of his family being killed by a man known to him as the Table Master. In an attempt to save his family from brutal murder he picks up a spear using magic and hurl it at the Table Master but misses. He is punished with searing pain and anguish as he watches helpless while his family is killed in front of him. After the dream started again, the Table Master readying his blade to cut and maim Reeft’s family, Reeft takes a knee and prays to Ioun for the souls of his family that they are received in the otherworld. After this his dream fades and he sinks through the black mirk finding himself with the others inside of the pink dome.
  • Lucant sees himself as a vagabond stripped, broken, and chained to a wall. No honor, nothing, a shell of a person. He hears the voice of his mother, she says to him “Free yourself, try.” He feels a sense of hope as she reaches into his body and touches his heart. Lucant is unable to convince himself to live, and remains trapped in his dream. Lucant, unable to convince himself to live, awakens from the dream to find himself trapped in the mirk, slowly sinking to his death.
  • Allye awakens in her home, learning that Baron Wilhem has chained up all the halflings in her city. After a moment of contemplation the door to her home is broken down, Wilhem’s men shackle her and her family. While following the line of other halflings, in chains, Allye unfastens her bonds on her hands and holds them steady so that the guards don’t take notice. Allye then convinces a shade guard that she is of some serious importance and that she must brought to the carriage to talk to Wilhem. Successful she awakens in the mire, sinks through it and appears again in the pink dome with the tree man.
  • Tom sees himself in the hunting grounds he knows. He is hunting the Owlbear, but it is charging towards him. Time slows down and Tom feels himself frozen in place. His swift legs unmoving as the Owlbear draws ever closer to strike. Tom reaches for his knife and stabs his unresponsive thigh. In that moment he is free of his nightmare and sinks through the sticky mire and is inside of the pink bubble.
  • Istvara see herself as a shade child about to steal her sister’s pendant and is asked by her shadow self whether or not she should be here. “We must live,” the shade says. Istvara convinces the shade self to leave the pendant. At that moment the dream disappears and she sinks through the black mire and appears in the pink dome.

Our group notices a degree of elasticity to this pink dome, or energy field, which is being generated by the green man. His tree like appearance radiates this field that he is using to protect himself and keep the lurking darkness from entering. He appears tired, and we help augment and grow the field through our various talents. Our efforts are rewarded with a widened field large enough to free Lucant from the murk and give the mysterious stranger a chance to explain things to us.
The green man’s cerulean eyes glimmered at us as he is relieved from the strain of supporting the field. His slow and soothing voice, patiently informs us that we are in the dream world, in the last Temple of Pelor lifted directly from Winterhaven. He believes Kaloral is serving Orkus the Demon King and is responsible for the attacks on these churches. He moved it here to protect it. But somehow Kaloral has found a way to invade this space also. We need to defeat him to sever this connection or the church of Pelor and this green man may be lost forever.
Before bidding us goodbye, the green man granted each of us an amulet. When we leave his presence we are behind a group of trees in full view of a Kobold camp near a river. From the trees we can see one of their stronger leaders standing in a stone circle absorbing a blue aura. This power absorption should be taken by us if we hope to break their will to fight.
Since they did not hear us approach we had an advantage. Reeft fired an acid arrow melting the flesh of the leader in the blue circle. Tom took shots with his arrows, and Alley toppled him with her sling. The party charged in crushing all kobolds in our wake, their bodies floating down river. Up river there was a waterfall, and we heard Kobold running to inform someone called Iron Tooth.
We slew him before he was able to reach the entrance and warn whomever remains inside. One kobold, after seeing so many slain friends, surrenders. We interrogate him and although the party leaned towards dispatching him, he ultimately were allowed to live. He told us that Iron Tooth was their goblin leader. He is feared among the kobolds and there is a host in a cave behind the waterfall.
We decide to take a short break and prepare to enter the cave and deal with this villain.

Off we go
Rumble in the road!

We started out for the kobold hideout first thing in the morning. It was a peaceful, beautiful, BORING morning and everyone seemed distracted as we made our way down the road. No one was in the mood for conversation. Thankfully, not long into our journey Thom spotted a group of kobolds looking for a drubbing headed our way.

As the group got closer, guess who we saw in the party? The orange kobold who ran away from our fight on our way into town! Well, Orangey wasn’t getting away this time! He had more friends with him this time, including a kobold wearing a skull mask and red armor who turned out to be a caster of some sort.

I politely tried to ask Orangey why he was so bent on attacking us and he said something about us killing his friends off. Guess he shouldn’t have jumped us in the first place, eh? Then what little dialogue we had going was kind of put on hold when Thom helpfully tried to reunite Orangey and his dead friends with a couple of arrows to the face. Too bad Orangey blocked his shots. That Thom…where does he get his arrows? He took off a kobold arm with one of his shots!

Thank goodness Istvarra was there. Reeft insisted on holding his position in the front along with the melee and would have been more seriously injured if she hadn’t been there with her healing spells and shields. Have to admit though, it was a pretty funny sight—the fastidious and usually natty Reeft covered in green goop (courtesy of Skullface) with his robes slashed and torn. It was hard not to laugh out loud.

It wasn’t the prettiest victory, but we won in the end. I think we just need some more time to get used to fighting together. Skullface was carrying a figurine on him that Reeft recognized as the Maimed God. First the creepy town with the weird townsfolk and now this eeeeeevil deity! This just gets more and more awesome! Can’t wait for the next fight!


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