Telarra Adventuring Company

You Dirty Rats, You Killed My Brother (in Arms)

Winterhaven had had a rough night—
Evil nightmares had filled folks with fright.
Though our party rose early,
Young Reeft woke up surly
As he had not permitted the light.

Yet all went to Valthrian’s tower.
The town empty in spite of the hour.
They gave V the news
About Kalorel’s views —
Val warned of a wakening power.

He also told truth of their dreamings:
Of the South ripping out of its seams and
Bloodfeasters and Baron
That ruled in Abœrin
While the Council sought league with the demons.

Yet Valthrian thought that the portal

Of all was the danger most mortal.
He begged them to go
To Shadowfell low
For Kalorel they must now thwart(ol).

Though the party in essence agreed
That to Shadowfell they must now speed
They suspected a traitor
And wished now to bait ‘er
So that they would not fail in their deed.

At their request, Valthrian wrote
To Paedrig to ask for his vote
In funding this quest.
Then they bid Valthrian rest
While they would deliver the note.

They split up their party in two –
Half to keep all the manor in view
(In case men did ride
To warn Kalorel’s side)
While the other half asked for their due.

Though Paedrig was slightly suspicious
His writ brought results more delicious:
A Hammer to smite
The foes of the Light
And arrows and bullets so vicious.

To Shadowfell then they proceeded,
Though the cobblestones hadn’t been weeded
The place was a mess
And they felt some duress
As into the darkness Thom lead-ed.

A goblin called out to his roommates
Though Reeft had tried bluffing—they smelled fake
Thus missiles were cast
And struck with a blast
So Gob suddenly didn’t feel great.

Thom the same goblin harrowed
While Allye, her eyes sharp as a sparrow’s,
Hit one in the head
Though he wasn’t quite dead
And two gobs shot Lucant with arrows.

Lucant healed himself with a word
And rushed forward to strike with his sword
But he fell in a pit
Filthy rats swarmed and bit
And Istvara rolled naught but a turd.

Reeft’s missiles punched holes in his foe
And Thom wielded mighty his bow
But the rats’ nasty bites
Knocked out Lucant’s lights
So Istvara jumped down in slow-mo.

She clutched at the magical hand
But this did not help her to land.
Though it knocked out her breath,
She brought L back from death,
Though in general naught went as planned.

Reeft kept up torching the goblins
Though the party was still somewhat hobblin’
Thom tossed down a kit —
Lucant climbed from the pit
The rats meanwhile want to keep gobbling.

Fountains of green blood explode
When Thom his arrows unload
Allye bloodies one brother
And nut-shots another
While rats are by Thunder Wave mowed.

Istvara’s claws finally do catch
The ladder, and out of the hatch
She climbs to get out
Lucant heals with shout
And a gob tries to kill her then, natch.

The last gob tries vainly to run
But Reeft’s quickly after this one
He shears off its arms
With his magical charms
Then turns to his friends: “That was fun.”

The party stops for a quick rest
Though gold they found, there was no chest.
The rooms they explore
And behind iron doors
Curtained secrets! – So continues our quest.



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