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These words, booming out from behind the swarm of kobolds attacking our united front was the first inkling of what was about to be unleashed upon us. Our attack on the kobold cavern had started well enough and it seemed we had taken them by complete surprise. Istvara had created a window in the waterfall through which Ally and I had sent deadly projectiles against our unwary foes, whilst the rest of the party burst through the shimmering curtain and began laying about them. Though we were immediately beset on all sides, Reeft’s continuous crash of thunderwave, Istvara’s lightning breath, Lucant’s slicing scimitar, Ally’s deadly slung pellets, and my own arrows quickly reduced the enemy’s numbers, with minimal damage taken from the kobold’s puny spears and javelins.

Once again, the voice boomed out from our left. Our attention diverted, a lancing beam of fire engulfed Istavara from a fearsome priest on our right. I began to fire arrows his direction, but the priests sudden attack had left me rattled, and my arrows missed their marks. Fortunately, my fellow party members fared better. Lucant called on a blessing from Bahamut to heal Istvara’s wounds, while a slightly less roasted Isvara smashed a kobold’s ribs out through it’s stomach, then brought her hammer around in a fearsome upswing to send a second enemy’s head flying over our own. Perhaps we would be able to finish off these stronger kobolds before the source of the voice made its presence known. As if reading my thoughts, the priestly newcomer began to chant dark words that surrounded his fellow kobolds in a blue light, causing them to attack with new vigor.

Yelled the voice, now much closer. While my arrows continued to fly wide of their intended targets, the others continued to down the enemy. Reeft’s thunder and lightning knocked down enemies or outright disintegrated them. Istvara hammered on the priest’s underlings, Bahamuts spirit moving with her. Suddenly, the owner of the voice stepped into the chamber. Irontooth!

Said Irontooth just as Ally exploded a lazy eyed kobold’s head into his face with a wickedly launched stone, spoiling his big entrance. “We didn’t need him anyway!” he boasted. And now we could see where he’d gotten his name. This hulking goblin had replaced all his natural ivories with teeth wrought of iron. Though momentarily blinded by flying kobold bits, he immediately set upon Lucant, slicing chunks out of his flesh. Lucant, reeling from the grievous assault, launched a furious attack of his own, his scimitar flashing back in forth in a triple slice and dice and shredding Irontooth’s fine cape. After watching Lucan nearly felled in a single attack, the rest of us joined in a massive assault again Irontooh, the other kobolds forgotten for the moment. Istvara charged Irontooth to protect Lucant. Reeft struck with magic missiles and searing beams that seemed to wilt and weaken our foe. Arrows and stones, launched from a safe distance, put several gaps in his metal dental work. Sensing that perhaps he’d bitten off more than he could chew, Irontooth then launched a last ditch all out attack on Istvara, nearly felling her while calling on his dark gods to give him strength. However, it was not enough. Our scaly friend, though nearly finished off (one might even say… bloodied), raised her hammer high and brought it down trailing blue flames into the goblins head, pancaking it into his body. Victory! With their leader gone, the remaining kobolds and their priest quickly fell.

We quickly searched the cavern for the kobold’s hoard . To my everlasting embarrassment, my supposedly sharp eyes missed the trap at the entrance to the treasure room. Fortunately, Istvara spotted the shifty tiles before I was impaled, and Ally’s nimble fingers quickly disabled the mechanism. Inside was a goodly amount of gold and an enchanted set of mail that fit Lucant well. A final inspection of Irontooth revealed a correspondence from Kalarel. Its implications are disturbing. Amongst other things, it confirms the presence of a spy in Winterhaven. No wonder Irontooth had mentioned an “invitation.” I’ve slotted Kalarel’s note into this journal for continued study.

Irontooth letter


Amazing job, Thom! You perfectly captured our battle and exploits. Awesome!!


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