Telarra Adventuring Company

Goblins and zombies and nut shots, oh my!

(A hastily-scribbled journal entry…)

Lesson learned—always set watch shifts when in an unfriendly place, no matter how many are in your party. After we cleared out Balron & company we decided to hole up in his old quarters to rest and ended up getting drugged and tied up for our troubles. As if waking up bound and with a horrendous case of cotton mouth wasn’t bad enough, I woke up in the wrong body! Thom’s a nice elf and all, but I don’t know how a person can track as well as he does with his noggin so high up off the ground.

Despite that we managed to fight back the crazy half human-goblin who was blathering on about his mom mixing drinks or something and made an ally of this little guy named Splug, who was being held in the dungeons. He’s small, but don’t make him mad. I could hear the crunch from that nut-punch he gave to the mommy’s boy goblin during the fight from all the way across the room!

We rescued a familiar face from one of the dungeons and now we’re headed deeper into this place with Splug’s help. We wiped out a horde of zombies and now we’re heading toward a hallway lined with sarcophagi belonging to paladins formerly in Bahamut’s service. I foresee fun times ahead!

Note to self: do not accept any refreshments from Reeft—he kept a couple of flasks of the evil-looking goo that the nutted goblin was going to feed us.



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