Telarra Adventuring Company

Deeper still

We continue to purge the dungeon of filth

As the party decides to head down the hallway of the doors, we hear the insolent babble of goblins.

Tom and Alley stealth themselves and sneak into the periphery of a room where two drunk Goblins chat idly, and play cards at a table. In the center of this table is a bell, an alarm that would summon who knows what from behind the two tapestry covers, which depict the most foul examples of Goblin debauchery.

Reeft is following behind them and readies an action as Tom and Alley attempt a few thief moves to muffle the bell.

Alley attempts to jam her bedroll into the bell’s body but the Goblin notices her actions which sadly miss their mark. Tom attempts a quick theft of the bell, but before he is able to stipe it the Goblins slam the brass bell and from the dark behind the pornographic tapestries a foul voice echos in the cramp hallway, Ballron.

Three fresh waves of filth covered goblin minions and soldiers poor out of the connecting rooms and begin to crowd in on the troupe. The stench is almost unbearable.

As the new waves approach from what seems like every corner of this cramp dungeon, Alley and Thom step out of the immediate line of fire. Reeft steps into the open and throws a thunderwave at the two guards pushing them back with a loud clap.

Uncle Touchy rushes Reeft and slashes him with his sword. Blood has been spilt and soon the Goblins will feel the retribution of the group. From down the hall Javelins fly into Reeft and Istvara.

With a flourish and a spin bolts fly from Alley’s sling and drop Uncle Touchy to the cold stone floor. Istvara slashes wildly at Bar Nuts and Tom’s Arrows fall to the floor. Lucant stages himself to support the rear of the troupe.

Alley flourishes again and her bolts connect with Bar Nuts. Another wave of goblins approach the team from the top hallway and Reeft hits them with a thunderwave, vaporizing them. Ballron takes aim with his crossbow and hits Reeft. Reeft’s newly minted clothes continue to soak up his own blood..

Incensed by the vulgar displays of Ballron and the ferociously large dragon skull codpiece, Istvara swings hard and splits the Goblin soldier in front of her in half. A volley of foul remarks from Ballron further gets the ire of Istavara and she marks him.

The goblins attempt to flank from the left but they are too slow to catch the reflexes of our party. Reeft calls another thunderwave and vaporizes another set of minions in a cloud of flesh and energy. Nutzig hits Istvara and she is badly wounded. His swing finds a home between the gaps of her armor. Thankfully Lucant is there to heal her and bring her back from the brink. Lucant then hits Nutzig with a swing of his might scimitar. Alley throws another rain of bolts at him and connects.

Tom, having found his sure footing, takes a hunter’s care to disable his quarry. A surgical shot is loosed from his fingers and pins the thigh of Ballron. Ballron screams for the fighting to stop. The goblin hoard ceases its advance as we prepare ourselves for what could be a trick.

“Lay down your arms!” – we command. Ballron orders his remaining fore to lower their weapons and begins to plead for his life.

“We are in the employ of Kaloral,” says Ballron, “he performing dark rituals in the levels below. I want to be let go. I do not want to be in this place any longer.”

“How do we reach him?” – we ask. “In the level below you will find him, but he is guarded by the Dead Knight.” – Ballron replies.

“Are their words we need to enter the chambers?” – we inquire.

Ballron looks at us solemnly and answers us with the two words, “Nuts McGee.”

We push hard for information regarding his reasons, it appears that the horrors below are more than he is willing to put up with any longer. After further interrogation and attempts to recruit them as our meat shields, we free the goblins with on a hollow promise that they will trouble us no longer. They leave their weapons and any items that may assist us in reaching Kaloral as further conditions for our letting them breath air from the surface again.

Though we may have succumb to their attacks if they had decided to continue fighting us.

After the have left we enter Ballron’s secret chambers and loot the precious money and affects that he has lying about. Inside on of the chests an Ashen wand is found that dates back to the Narathi empire.

The group bars the entrance so that non may attack them as they take what is a much needed rest.

This is not a peace filled rest. In the filth encrusted walls of the dungeon, images of the knight Sir Keegan fill our minds. We share the horrors as a party. Once again unified by fear, foreboding, and restlessness, our next challenge may be our last.



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